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This section of our website is where the latest up to date announcements can be found on our new product releases. In 2023 we are launching three to four new products two of which patents were filed. Yes, 2022 has been a very busy year working with our manufacturing and engineering partners to bring you products to make your work life easier and safer.

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Incubator 2023
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Scale Jail Hitch Bracket Scale Jail Hitch Bracket

The Scale Jail Hitch Bracket fits in a typical class 3 hitch assembly on a vehicle.

Our Price: $425.00
2 1/2" Aqua Pass Manifold 2-1/2" NH Aqua Pass Manifold

2-1/2" Aqua Pass

Our Price: $486.00
4 1/2" Aqua Pass Manifold 4-1/2" NH Aqua Pass Manifold

4-1/2" Aqua Pass

Our Price: $574.00
Scale Jail Scale Jail

The Scale Jail is a diffuser built specifically for fire sprinkler technicians and contractors when servicing a sprinkler system. This diffuser will prevent erosion to grass and landscaping when draining a system, or conducting a 2" main drain flow test. The inlet has a 2-1/2" NH/NST Female swivel so a standard fire hose can be connect to this for fire hydrant flushing as well. If conducting a standard 2" main drain test add a 2-1/2" NH male x 2" Female NPSH threaded adapter. Now connect a 2" NPSH fire hose from your 2" 45 degree discharge fitting to the bushing mentioned prior and you can safely discharge and diffuse the water flow.

Our Price: $925.00

Made in USA

Our Price: $1,575.00
VORTEX LIQUID INJECTOR & Hitch Bracket Vortex Liquid Injector & Hitch Bracket

Made in USA

Our Price: $1,925.00