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Scale Jail Hitch Basket Strainer Scale Jail Basket Strainer

The Scale Jail Basket Strainer assists in diffusing the waters force.

Our Price: $179.00
Scale Jail 30 Degree Elbow Scale Jail 2-1/2" 30 Degree Elbow

The Scale Jail 30 Degree Elbow can be installed on either the inlet or outlet of the device.

Our Price: $210.00
Scale Jail Hitch Bracket Scale Jail Hitch Bracket

The Scale Jail Hitch Bracket fits in a typical class 3 hitch assembly on a vehicle.

Our Price: $425.00
Scale Jail Scale Jail

The Scale Jail is a diffuser built specifically for fire sprinkler technicians and contractors when servicing a sprinkler system. This diffuser will prevent erosion to grass and landscaping when draining a system, or conducting a 2" main drain flow test. The inlet has a 2-1/2" NH/NST Female swivel so a standard fire hose can be connect to this for fire hydrant flushing as well. If conducting a standard 2" main drain test add a 2-1/2" NH male x 2" Female NPSH threaded adapter. Now connect a 2" NPSH fire hose from your 2" 45 degree discharge fitting to the bushing mentioned prior and you can safely discharge and diffuse the water flow.

Our Price: $925.00