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1/4" Snubber Pitot Tube 2 1/2" Glycerin Filled Gauge 0-100 PSI 2 1/2" Glycerin Filled Gauge 0-160 PSI
Our Price: $15.75
Pitot Tube
Our Price: $32.25
1/4" NPT Snubber Pitot Tube

4" Glycerin Filled 0-160 PSI /0-2120 GPM Dual Read Gauge 4" Glycerin Filled 0-100 PSI /0-1680 GPM Dual Read Gauge Pitot Tube Assembly Fire Hydrant Chrome Cap Gauge Kit-160 psi
Pitot Tube Assembly
Our Price: $72.00

Pitot Tube Assmebly

The 2-1/2" chrome cap gauge kit comes with a 160 psi glycerin filled gauge, 1/4" 3-way bleeder valve and rigid carrying case. The quick disconnects allow assembly to be swiveled upwards for better viewing of static and residual water flows.
Hydrant Flushing Diffuser Scale Jail Hitch Basket Strainer Scale Jail 30 Degree Elbow Hydrant Flushing Diffuser
Hydrant Flushing Elbow
Our Price: $165.00
Scale Jail Basket Strainer
Our Price: $179.00
Hydrant Flushing Elbow
Our Price: $251.00
2.5" Economy Elbow The Scale Jail Basket Strainer assists in diffusing the waters force. The Scale Jail 30 Degree Elbow can be installed on either the inlet or outlet of the device. 4.5" Economy Elbow
2 1/2" Temporary Water Connection Assembly Scale Jail Hitch Bracket 4" Fire Hydrant Diffuser 4" Storz Fire Hydrant Diffuser
Scale Jail Hitch Bracket
Our Price: $425.00
4.0" Steamer Port Diffuser
Our Price: $428.00
Temporary Water Connection The Scale Jail Hitch Bracket fits in a typical class 3 hitch assembly on a vehicle. 4" NH/NST Female Long Handle Steamer Port Diffuser 4" Storz Steamer Port Diffuser